The Persistence of Memory

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The Persistence of Memory
Image: Salvador Dali
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The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali depicts an obscure landscape characterized with clocks melting over illogical objects, ashore a coastline with jagged cliffs, and a sweeping horizon. The foreground of the landscape is inland of the distant shore and cliffs. It is isolated and desert like, giving no indication of human life or activity. There are a total of four clocks, three of the clocks portray times and appear melted. The first clock is draped over the limb of a dead and barren Olive tree. The second clock hangs over the edge of a rectangular mass that could be the edge of a table or a flat roof top and has a fly on it. The third clock is draped over an unidentifiable and flesh-toned being. The bottom half of this clock falls behind the being, so the hour cannot be estimated. The fourth watch is face-down, showing no time and it is covered by ants. The background is a blend of the horizon meeting the sea. The shoreline is connected to a jagged cliff in the upper right corner and a second flat- rectangular mass on the left side of the painting.

Through personal expression Dali created The Persistence of Memory. The painting can be classified as a landscape or a self-portrait. The painting is an enigma and inspiration from Dali’s interpretation of his own dreams and memories. The coast line and rocky landscape represent the background of is his childhood hometown in Port Lligat, Spain. The memory of his childhood hometown and memory of the landscape serves as the foundation of this painting and links his past to the present. The...
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