The Perks of Dynamic Stretching

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How to Prepare Your Muscles for Athletic Performance

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises which use sport specific movements to prepare the body for movement.

Dynamic flexibility has been used successfully by trainers and coaches to increase flexibility and possibly lower the incidence of injury.

The main benefit of using dynamic stretching just before a sporting event or fitness routine is that, because dynamic stretches use motions similar to those that an athlete under takes, they effectively simulate a performance experience. For example, doing kicking stretches before soccer or a similar sport will effectively warm up the limbs and body to anticipate specific challenges. The same applies to upper body motions such as circular arm stretching.


Plyometrics or "plyos" for short, are a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements. They are generally used by athletes to improve performance in sports, especially those that involve speed, quickness and power.

1. Better Performance
For those who enjoy sports like track and field, plyometric exercise can greatly benefit running speed. If running isn’t your game, perhaps you would like to punch harder or throw farther. Plyometric exercise helps you achieve any athletic goal. 2. Developing Muscle Power

Plyometric exercise gives your legs and muscles an intense exercise which guarantees an increase in muscle potential. 3. Enhancing Your Ability to Burn Calories
An increased muscular endurance and ability to burn calories would come to great use for someone hoping to build a weight loss routine. 4. Increasing Your Muscular Endurance
If you are an athlete and you have a big competition coming up, plyometric exercising will help intensify your energy and increase your stamina just in time for the main event. Since plyometric exercising builds up an explosive amount of intense energy, it could be just the thing for an...
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