The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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  • Published : March 16, 2005
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To Be Infinite

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a poignant coming of age story about a teenage boy named Charlie who is entering into his freshman year of high school and trying to cope with death, life, friends, and sexuality. Chobosky does a remarkable job at describing all of these issues through the eyes of a shy, introvert teen. The reader will be shocked, amazed, and grateful to join Charlie in his walk down the road of realization and growing up.

The story is actually written as a series of letters from Charlie to an anonymous "friend". Charlie reveals his secrets, stories, fears, worries, and observations to this "friend." Perks is based in Western Pennsylvania and Charlie is starting his freshman year of high school when the story beings. He's reluctant and unsure of himself and enters the school year with a handful of struggles and insecurities. He is still trying to understand and cope with the suicide of his best friend from the previous year. As well as being haunted with guilt from the death of a close aunt from his childhood, Charlie is left feeling despondent and confused.

Charlie has no companions upon entering high school but soon is befriended by a small group of seniors. Sam, Patrick, and Brad, who all play important roles in the story, try hard to teach Charlie that life should be lived and not watched. On the journey to eradicate Charlie from his "wallflower" existence, it is revealed that Charlie has a hidden crush on Sam, and that Patrick is secretly dating Brad. Brad happens to be the high schools very popular quarter back. These characters play a significant role because without they're influence Charlie would have never been exposed to a world of parties, drugs, high school dances, dates, sexuality, and friendship. Most importantly Sam, Patrick, and Brad helped Charlie see the perks of being a wallflower.

The book also focuses on Charlie's home life. Charlie has two siblings that make him feel...
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