The Period of Transition

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There is a time of transition, a period of change when one venture completes for another to start. These can be confusing at times when we sense a difference but can't explain it. Whether it is for the better or worse, periods of transition can define our lives and set the course for what follows next. Below are some guidelines of what we can do during these times to ensure that we are prepared for whatever happens. Maintenance

Our world is seasonal put moves along rapidly making it impossible at times to observe what happens beyond our personal realms. What a period of transition offers us is a time to catch up on what we have missed out on. We can call old friends and family, check up on things that we put aside for those days when we would be less busy. The fact remains that this period remains ideal to do these things because our demeanor is peaceful and what we truly search for is not in man. This makes it unlikely that anyone can say or do anything to hurt us. The change is within our minds in spite of what happens around us. A period of transition is a period of maintenance, taking out the old and allowing space for the new. We are all afforded this time to clean out the cobwebs and prepare for change. Keep it simple

Our regular activities should be maintained. Change does not necessarily mean that we have to stop in stride. It just means that we should be aware that something is coming. Keeping it simple by doing what we do regularly keeps away the unnecessary analysis of what is happening around us. It maintains our focus and purpose without placing a burden on us. There should be no drastic activity or the need to rush into something new. Keeping things simple regulates our thoughts, maintains our discipline and before long begins to open our awareness of the change.

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This is what we do regardless of how we feel. We may be impatient for the new, we may feel as though time crawls through...
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