The Perils of Texting

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Consumer Electronics Show Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Which of the five moral dimensions on the information system identified in this text is involved in this case? My conclusion in this case is that people have the right and freedom for acting as they want (in this case texting while driving) but at the same time they have the obligation to consider the lives of other people that have the immeasurable right to be safe and sound while driving. Therefore, when drivers get involved in car accidents they must be held accountable and liable for the harm done to other individuals. Cell phones may be a valuable tool of communicating, but there are limits for the use of them as far as safety. There must be control for their use so people’s lives are not put at stake. The processes involved and the quality of the system must be analyzed by the authorities and all the industries involved, auto and telephone, in order for new values to be introduced or preserved for everybody to maintain a good quality of life. What are the ethical, social and political issues raised by this case? The average American spends 101 minutes a day driving (according to the 2007 Harvard Health Watch). Living in an era where time is money, the ethical issue raised is how you can deny individuals the right of communicating for their business while driving, hence creating a problem to their economic wellbeing by banning a useful and vital tool. On the other hand, the statistics are clear; the use of the phone while driving can be deadly. Therefore, the government must implement and enforce laws that must regulate the situation. But banning will not provide a solution to the problem by itself. Maybe it is time for the authorities not only to implement and enforce laws to individuals, but for new regulations to be imposed to the auto industry (like the safety belt) and demand the installation of communication devices, that will be safe to use while driving, to every car. Back at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, Ford and Microsoft took the stage and...
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