The Perfect Teacher

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My View of the Ideal Teacher

The ideal teacher has a lasting positive impression on her students. I have had multiple positive student teacher experiences through my many years of formal education. Until this assignment, I had not spent a great deal of time contemplating the attributes of an ideal teacher. As most of the education majors, I want to have a positive impact on children’s lives and have them leave my classroom with greater knowledge than they entered it.

During my most formative years I was exposed to the finest teacher I have ever met. When my mother became disabled, by grandmother, a disabled teacher, came to live with my nuclear family. The daily childrearing activities were completed by this grandmother. When my brothers got off the school bus, a snack, a drink and “homework” were waiting on the kitchen table. Every school day was the same. When it came to our education, structure and having a constant routine was foremost in our home. The boys completed schoolwork or worked on study books and I worked on learning basics so I would be prepared for kindergarten. Our grandmother was always patient, yet firm. As I traveled through the public school system there were many teachers that stood out with ideal characteristics. Mrs. Pearson taught me in first grade, that teachers could be strict, and not very “pleasant” (so it seemed) and still be interested in the highest capabilities of each student. In second grade, Mrs. Pendergrass, taught me a teacher can be eccentric, colorful, patient and compassionate and be concerned with the highest capabilities of each student. The teachers of my first two years of elementary school were completely opposite of each other and I adored one and thought I despised the other. Mrs. Pearson continues to influence my life, as she taught me home education strategies in the Parents as Teachers program and I continue to see her substitute in local public schools. They were both ideal and garner my...
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