The Perfect Teacher

Topics: Negative and non-negative numbers, Measurement Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Math Teacher Kevin

Kevin was my teacher of Calculus I last semester. I couldn't find an exact personal adjective to describe his character till now. Math was only one word that gave me strong feeling to describe him. Therefore, I wanted to give a definition of math why I used it to describe a personal character first. Math was a word showing to me as a personal character like objectiveness, organized, accurateness. I didn't know if it was the influence of math on Kevin's character, or he chose math as a way to show his personal character. Mr. Kevin showed to me his personal character just like math. It was objective, organized, accurate.

At the first sight, Mr. Kevin showed to me a lot of math signs on his appearance. When he entered into the class at the first time, I could know he was a math teacher exactly. He always stood straightly like a ruler. His face was rectangle. His eyebrows, eyes, and mouth were three parallel lines. Drawing a straight line along his nose could be the y-axis, and his face, body, hand, leg, foot were symmetrical over this y-axis. It let me think he is an even function. I used to hate math, but his appearance changed my feeling of math. It helped me trying to accept math as a funny and interesting subject.

During his class, he had been showing to me perfectly about math character: what kind of attitude was objective, how I did was organized, and he showed accurateness on his behavior.
Mr. Kevin won my respect at first because of his objective character. I was a rebel girl. I didn't like to be judged by anyone. However, there were so many people around me who liked to judge me. They judged my behavior, my mind, my height, my weight with their rulers. Some people measured me with a giant ruler, and I looked like a tiny grain of sand in front of those people. Some people measured me with a small ruler, and I looked like a big apple in their eyes. Every time when I met a person who liked measuring me, I always showed him or her...
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