The Perfect Golf Swing

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The Perfect Golf Swing

As a young caddie running up and down the course, I saw my uncle slamming the ground with a golf club. I always found him so angry, playing the game of golf. I stopped running and watched him play; I studied his body as he elegantly swung the club through the air. Sweat dripping from his nose, his shirt soaked completely through. I watched him for hours that day, and I would watch him over and over again, trying to find that perfect swing. The perfect golf swing is said to be unattainable to many in the golfing world. I spent my childhood on a golf course being a caddy for my uncle. I cannot inform you on the perfect golf swing because I never witnessed it, although I can explain the fundamentals of golf. There are four components which make up the golf swing, stance and posture, the grip, the backswing, and the follow-through. By breaking down golf into these four components, I will be able to explain the fundamentals of a good golf swing. When done correctly the golf swing, is truly a beautiful thing to witness. As I have seen many times on the golf course.

The proper stance and posture enable the golfer to be perfectly balanced and poised throughout the swing. Only when this takes place, his legs, arms, and body will be able to carry out their assignments correctly. Many golfers make the error of assuming the stance is only to line up the body to the target. The stance is also the step in which the golfer sets up so his body will be balanced throughout the swing. The first thing of the stance is placement of the feet. The feet should be shoulder width apart for the majority of shots, putting your feet closer to loft the ball with irons, and farther apart for long shots with woods. The foot placement automatically regulates the amount of hip turn allowed in the backswing. The arms should be tucked into the body and kept as close together as possible. The left elbow should be pointing to the left hipbone and the...
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