The Perfect Day

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The Perfect Day
When I was a little girl I would dream about my wedding day. I would pick out what colors I wanted. I had to have almost everything be pink because it was my favorite color. I used to even play dress up with all of my younger sisters. I would always have to be the princess, and they could dress up as anything else. I had a special white fluffy dress that my mother had made me for Halloween. No one was allowed to wear it but me. I would always say my wedding day would be the happiest day of my life. I wanted to feel like a princess, and could not wait until my Prince Charming would come and take me away.

It was the first day of March 2008. There were a few piles of cold snow that had not melted yet all over the ground. The weather was just how I hoped it would be. It was not too cold and not too hot. The sun was shining bright in the afternoon sky. I was sitting anxiously at the reception hall waiting for the cake to be delivered. I still had to decorate the cake with the pink silk roses. Then I had to go get my hair and makeup done. I had to be at the church on time. I could not believe that the people from the bakery arrived late. I hoped that this was not sign that the rest of the day would have problems too. I was late but I finally got to the church, and I could see the huge black limo was already sitting in the parking lot waiting for us.           

Inside the church, there were pink, white and silver sparkly decorations everywhere. Almost all of the decorations that were used in the church were handmade by me. I had spent hours and hours every week at Hobby Lobby, and others craft stores trying to find exactly what I wanted to use. I had made fifty white and pink shiny tulle bows that were on each one of the pews. I was so proud of all the work I had done. The night before, hours and hours had been spent carefully making every single thing look absolutely perfect.

I was getting ready to walk down the aisle with my father at my...
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