The Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce & the Internet Adoption Strategies for Smes

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Literature Review 1

The Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce & The Internet Adoption Strategies for SMEs

Cheng Peng North Carolina State University Professor Mordzak FLE 101 Dec.2, 2011

Literature Review 2 Introduction Due to the popularity and rapid expansion of the Internet and network technology, electronic commerce (e-commerce) has become a major activity in contemporary business operations. Today, enormous business activities are conducted online. People go online to sell and buy both goods and services, and many transactions cannot be completed without Internet technology. The Internet’s capacity to access, organize and communicate information in a more efficient way has brought about new formulas for the relationship between consumers and firms. New economic agents and new business models have emerged too. In this way, the development of e-commerce offers great opportunities for both manufacturers and retailers. Internet adoption, in both large and small firms, is promoted as a means to improve competitiveness. Therefore, the exploding growth of e-commerce activities in the last decade has attracted significant attention from practice as well as academics in different fields. Academics from various fields are interested in different research topics related to e-commerce. This following literature review, however, attempts to demonstrate the perceived benefits of E-commerce and the Internet adoption strategies in established small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). E-commerce is a system that includes transactions that center on buying and selling goods and services to directly generate revenue but also those transactions that support revenue generation, such as creating demand for goods and services, offering sales support and customer service or facilitating communication between business partners. It is widely agreed that there are many advantages for doing businesses on the Internet for SMEs. T.A. Byrd (2007) finds that as all sites on the...
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