The Peopling of America Questions

Topics: Life expectancy, Thirteen Colonies, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: December 12, 2011
The Peopling of America Questions
1. Why do you think the Virginians were incapable of feeding themselves--when the Indians were able to grow corn, the woods were filled with game, and the rivers were covered with geese and filled with fish? I feel that the Virginians were incapable of feeding themselves because they weren’t familiar with the land or how to grow the crops. They also didn’t have a good relationship with the Indians like the people of Plymouth started out having, and if they did the Indians could have showed them how to take care of themselves.

2. Why did these individuals migrate to the New World? To have a fresh start away from England and all of their absurd laws and restrictions on religion. They were tired of living under the Church of England.

3. Describe their experiences in migrating to America. The ships were horrid and not many people survived the trip to the New World. People died of many different diseases such as cancer, hunger, thirst, scurvy. Children died most often since their bodies were more frail than that of the adults. Many parents had to watch their precious children be tossed overboard after they died. Also, women barely survived child birth which resulted in child and mother being thrown overboard after death.

4. What do these quotations tell us about colonial attitudes toward labor? It seems to me that the colonists were lazy and wanted slaves to do all the work for them. ------
1. How did life expectancy in the Northern and Chesapeake colonies compare? What implications might this have upon the nature of family life in the two regions? The Northern colonies had a higher life expectancy than that of the Chesapeake colonies. This is probably because more indian attacks occurred in the Chesapeake colonies than in the north. Family life in the Chesapeake colonies would probably be very rough and sad with all the deaths where as in the north the family life would be more easy going. 2. What...
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