The Pen is Mightier than Sword

Topics: Bible, Adolf Hitler Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: April 12, 2012
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Is the sword mightier than the pen or vice-versa? I think the pen is inevitably mightier than the sword. A pen can do a lot more things than a sword. Unlike a sword, it can be both constructive and destructive. And its destructive power is stronger than the sword’s. The power of a pen is out of people’s imagination. First, the pen is much more influential than the sword. Some may say that a pen cannot hurt anyone, but a sword can actually kill someone. However, what matters the most is not the pen itself, but the words. As history and facts have revealed, the impacts of wars cannot last long. It can last for a few centuries, at most. Yet books can last for thousands of years. For example, the Holy Bible is the most influential book that has ever been published. Many people study and read it every day. Moreover, it changes people’s lives. It is not only that the Holy Bible that influence people, but a lot of classic books are also playing an important role in inspiring and guiding people. Moreover, a pen can hurt others eternally. As a matter of fact, a sword can cause trauma in someone. Yet that kind of trauma is physical and can be healed. However, for most of the time, the wound, which is caused by words, cannot be healed easily. For example, if you have a fight with your friends, and you quarrel with them, you may talk to each other after a few days. But if you write a letter to revile your friends, you may not be able to be friends with them anymore. It is because the harms that words can bring to others can be huge. Finally, a pen can control people’s minds. People can use a sword to force others to do something, but they are never willing to do. Yet, a pen can actually make people to something with all their might, no matter whether the thing is merciful or felonious. There was a notorious man in history, who knew the fact that a pen can control people’s minds, caused a big war. That man was Adolf Hitler. He used his...
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