The Peasant’s Revolt in the German States of 1524-1526

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The peasant’s revolt in the German states of 1524-1526 was mainly caused by the peasants’ confusion of Lutheran teachings and also the economic depression that was oppressed by the lords. The response to the peasant revolts in German states varied from violent outcries to semi peaceful actions such as marches and gatherings.

During 1524-1526 many peasant revolts occurred within the German states primarily caused by the confusion of Lutheran teachings and ideologies. In documents 1, 3 and 6 demonstrate how the peasants unified through Lutheran teachings and how it was used to explain the German serf uprising. In an official report from Leonardo Von Eck clearly states that the peasant’s demands come from “the word of god” in which shows that the peasant revolts root cause comes from Lutheran teachings and that religion is the driving force of these revolts since it led to a retaliation against the oppressor which are the lords and nobility (Doc.1). Leonardo Von Eck a chancellor of Bavaria a clearly a noble would likely be a biased view since he is trying to protect his own class from the peasants and also because he is more concerned in maintaining order and peace since he is a government official also but thus he also expresses a factual fact about the driving force of the peasant uprising. Another source that will reconfirm the views of Von Eck is from a group of Swabian peasants in which visibly asserts that god had renew them and given them the inner strength to stand up for themselves since it was a shame that they had to serve as slaves but also iterates their willingness to obey religious powers (Doc 3). The demands of the Peasant parliament of Swabia that was written in the Articles of the Peasants of Memmingen to the Memmingen Town Council is a reliable source since we can presume that these views are the same views of the serfs of that region. In document 6 a source...
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