The Pearl Test

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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The Pearl by John Steinbeck
Test Questions

Multiple Choice
1) Where did the Pearl take place?
A. Spain
B. Mexico
C. Cuba
D. United States

2) What stings Coyotito?
A. A Porcupine
B. A Hornet
C. A Scorpion
D. A Bee

3) With what does Kino offer to pay the doctor?
A. 8 Small Pearls
B. 10 Rubies
C. A Black Pearl
D. 3 Diamonds

4) How does Kino react after the doctor snubs him?
A. He sulks
B. He hits the front gate
C. He walks out
D. Shoves the doctor

5) What does Juana use to help heal Coyotito wounds?
A. Band-Aid
B. Peppermint
C. Oatmeal
D. Seaweed

6) How did Kino acquire his canoe?
A. He built it
B. He found it
C. He inherited it
D. He stole it

7) For what does Juana pray when she is in the canoe?
A. A big pearl
B. Rain
C. Snow
D. Hail

8) Which of the following is not on the list Kino plans to buy with his new found wealth?
A. An education for Coyotito
B. A sailboat
C. A rifle
D. A proper marriage in a church

9) How does the doctor treat Coyotito’s Scorpion wound?
A. With a capsule filled with powder
B. With a strange purple liquid
C. Advil
D. A shot

10) Where does Kino hide the pearl during the night?
A. In the doctor’s safe
B. In his sock
C. In his hat
D. Beneath his sleeping mat

True or False
1) ____ The town where Kino first trys to sell his pearl is La Paz 2) ____ The best offer Kino got for his Pearl was 50 pesos
3) ____ The dealer didn’t want the pearl because it was to large 4) ____ Kino goes to the capital to sell his Pearl
5) ____ Juana tells Kino to give the pearl away
6) ____ When Juana trys to steal the Pearl he punches her in the head 7) ____ Kino and his family has to flee because he killed a man 8) ____ Kino and Juana first take refuge in a cave
9) ____ Kino and Juana are brother and sister
10)____ Kino...
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