The Pearl Essay

Topics: English-language films, Pearl, Thing Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Have you ever been told you were greedy? When Kino found the Pearl, he was suddenly changed by it. He became greedy and selfish the longer he had and thought of the Pearl. Taking possession over the Pearl also caused him to make horrible decisions. Lastly, the incredible find of it made him powerful and popular. Everyone came to him asking for wishes, favors, or needs. The longer Kino held on to the Pearl, the more he became selfish. Greed can emotionally change a person. When Kino found the pearl, suddenly everything was all about him and his new wealth. “The news came to the doctor… [his] eyes rolled up a little in their fat hammocks and he thought of Paris. He remembered the room he had lived in there as a great and luxurious place...” (22) When the towns people learned of Kino’s great wealth, they began let their minds wonder in search of things they desired that would bring pleasure to them. They became selfish as they only thought of themselves. “And in the incandescence of the pearl the pictures formed of the things Kino’s mind had considered in the past and had given up as impossible.” (24) Kino really only wanted to own objects he did not need that would only benefit him and his family. Lastly, the pearl emotionally changed Kino by making him greedy and selfish. Greed can make you do horrible things to you and your surroundings. When Kino found the pearl, he became extremely greedy and overprotective of it for he did not want anyone to steal it from him. “After he had probed the night with his senses he went to the place by the side post where the pearl was buried, and he dug it up and brought it to his sleeping mat, and under his sleeping mat he dug another little hole in the dirt floor and buried the pearl and covered it up again.” (36) Instead of spending enjoyable time with his loving family, Kino decided to guard the pearl. The money meant so much to him; he could not stand losing it. This was not the only horrid thing Kino did. “Now, in an...
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