The Past and Present in That Evening Sun

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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Annotated Bibliography
Garrison, Jr., Joseph M. The Past and Present in “That Evening Sun”. Studies in Short Fiction; Summer76, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p371, 3p. Joseph Garrison created a fairly accurate interpretation of the perceptions presented in the story of “That Evening Sun.” He clearly presented his explanations and arguments for why he believed that the story is written more from the boy Quentin’s point of view rather than that of the older Quentin that is presented at the beginning of the story. Reading supporting articles can sometimes be necessary when reading older classic stories. Faulkner is one of those that sometimes require background reading. Garrisons accurate perceptions of the writings make him a highly recommended source to return to. He took the story “That Evening Sun” and carefully examined and explained several of the areas in the story. For example he explained the staircase scene from the point of view of Quentin. Garrison explains why Quentin keeps returning to Nancy’s hands. Garrison’s evaluation of the text helps the reader understand the underlying issues that present themselves throughout the story. This article along with the story “That Evening Sun” could be utilized in a classroom setting as a learning tool and would work great for writing a bibliography. It can also be used for studying the ways that works were written during different times. There is so much that could be pulled from this single piece to build upon and assist a writer in expanding his or her horizons. Garrison continuously remarks on the imagery that Faulkner uses throughout the story and explains what the writer might have been trying to portray. This is a good skill any future might want to look at, exactly how a reader perceives the imagery that they put into a story.
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