The Passion of My Life

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The Passion of My Life
To Know Christ

Jerome Parker

Scripture references come from the following translations of the sacred book: The Holy Bible.

The Amplified Bible
Copyright 1987 Old Testament Part one, Copyright 1964. Old Testament, part two, copyright 1962. Zondervan Corporation_ Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The MacAuthor Study Bible
(NKJV) Copyright 1997. Word Publishing Group- Thomas Nelson, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee

The Nelson Study Bible
Copyright 1997 Thomas Nelson Publishers. Nashville, Tennessee. (NKJV) Beginning Notes

The only standard of a life worthy of living is what you know is true and that a life worth living must have only one standard as its base and that is gods’ word.

I believe only in the literal inerrant infallible word of god: nothing more and certainly nothing less. There is nothing else. It is God whom I love and serve.

I believe only in the birth-death-resurrection and the ascension of our lord Jesus Christ. His burial also.

I pattern my life after these passages & scripture: Romans 12:2, 2nd Timothy 2:15, and 2nd Timothy 3:10-17, and 2nd Timothy 4:2 and 5.

No man of God is of any value or worth without a passion and purpose in life to be like Christ and to be a model and an example for his sheep to follow. He must be a compassionate shepherd.

An Appropriate Dedication

To my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
You implanted in me a desire for the gospel ministry even before I was saved. You implanted within me the desire for salvation and on my own Damascus road- I came to know you personally and intimately. Thank you for calling me to the Gospel Ministry.

To my First Family: My beloved Marian.
You have always been a great encourager and a devout servant of God. You are loved and greatly appreciated. You are a godly woman and you are the cement that enables me to serve in the gospel ministry as a Pastor Evangelist.

To my Four Sons:
You have been the wind beneath my wings and each of you are precious in your own talents and gifts. You each exhibit Christ likeness in who you are. Also to my Daughters-in-law - you are both to be admired and appreciated for being examples of godly womanhood. I thank you for bein faithful and loving to my sons.

To my Church Family:

My brothers and sisters_ you are each exceptional and extraordinary in your own personalities, talents, and gifts. God has richly blessed me thru knowing each of you. You are Family: we are united and we are bonded together to serve God and to help each other . May this philosophy keep us cemented so that we carry on our Legacy.

In times such as these - I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to my pastor- Brother Ken Reece

Who every Sunday- roots and grounds me in the inerrant, infallible, and inspired word of God. I pray daily for God to hold him up as he shepherds his flock and preaches the Word.

And to Brother Ralph Baker, our Minister of Music

Who blesses us every Sunday with the music that comes from his heart in song and instrument. You encourage us to use our talents so that our praise and worship reaches especially, those who do not know Jesus.

This little book is dedicated with love and admiration to al young men whom God has called and set apart for the Gospel ministry - and in such times as theses - The Gospel must be preached so hat the world might know Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

To my precious young brothers: Toby Brown and Billy Reece. You will have no greater reward in your ministry than to shepherd your flock biblically Contents of this Volume

Beginning Notes and Dedication

Introduction: A message of delight1

Intimacy with Christ12

Silence Births Solitude22

Surrender to be like Christ30

Prayer: Personal Communication42

Humility: Yielded to Christ50

Self Control: A Godly Discipline56

Sacrifice: What are you willing to do for 69
Jesus Christ

Afterword; End...
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