The Passenger

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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The Passenger
As the dark clouds unraveled onto the bright open sky, a boy was making his way down the sidewalk towards the bus stop, while walking; he was fixated in his favorite book, the Passenger. Reaching the bus stop, he felt the cold sting of rain on his shoulder, he took out his umbrella from his pack, opened the flap, and in an almost sudden response. Bark! Bark! Bark! Across the bus top, a dog was sticking its head through a hole at the bottom of a white picket fence. Startled, the boy lurched back. As the dog continued to bark ferociously at him, the bus came and halted to a stop, with an eerie hiss the doors opened, with disgust on his face, the boy entered. Entering the worn down commuter, the boy noticed that nobody was there, but the strangest of things, a goldfish floating awkwardly in a plastic bag sat in the middle of the seats. The boy sits next to the goldfish and continues reading his book, taking a heavier interest in the plot of the story then the question of why there was a goldfish sitting by itself on a bus and how had it got there. Cushioning himself on the bus seats he puts down his books and takes out his cassette player, inserts a cassette, plugs in his head phones, and presses play, while listening to the bliss of music he continues to read. The ordinary goldfish in the plastic bag begins to bubble, its eyes go wide, its body inflates, its skin turns into a hideous dark green, and the lights in the bus go out.
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