The Parents Are the Best Teachers

Topics: Teacher, Family, School Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Parents are the best teachers.
There are many reasons, why I agree with the parents are the best teachers. Before explaining the reasons is important to say that, I consider parents: the mother and the father, but in some cases, in some families, the parents are the grandfathers or other parent like as aunt, uncle, also brothers or sisters, while I talk about the parents you considerer theses members of the family. You can find teachers around yours, in the schools, companies, streets, supermarkets in wherever place because someone should teach you something new, but the best teachers are the parents, because the parents are the first persons who are with us in our first steps, for example: when I was a baby my mother taught me how to eat and, drink with my hands. Later on, she taught me to walk and speak, also to eat and drink with the flatware. These are the first and important steps that the parents are the teachers because the babies can’t live if none stayed with they. Another reason that the parents are the best teachers is because when the kids are growing up, they need advices about their friends and the school. The parents show the kid’s friends, if to keep good or bad companies. The parents always are attended about our changes. The young always needs of their parents, because they are in constancy changes, and they can take bad ways and to finish their live with big problems, like as drugs, alcoholism, or will be a member of a gang. In the same time the parents teach the difference between the good of the bad and about the bad things and conflict situations, they teach about to share the life with all kind of persons, like as if their practice another kind of religion, or if their culture is so different, and also if they looks different than us. Afterwards the parents are the best teachers because they meet us very well, in contrast with the persons, who are surrounded. They know, our tastes, opinions, dreams and, the most important our goals....
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