The Paradoxical Twin

Topics: Management, Organization, Hierarchy Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: April 18, 2011
The Paradoxical Twins: Acme and Omega
This case study gives me an opportunity to evaluate from different angles the organization and structure of a business. The analysis of this case study will be focus to emphasize and apply relevant theories to identifying problems in the aspects Organizational, Management within the structure of Acme & Omega Electronics and obtain a better view of the strength and strength of each company. Acme & Omega electronics considered on this case study used to have the same organizational structure, under different management. Since they were sold to different investors, as a consequence of this, each company has its own procedures and company polices

The goal of Acme reflects great concern for employee satisfaction and employees' feeling of personal ownership within the organization. The leadership at Omega feels that employees should be familiar with activities throughout the organization in order to increase the overall performance of coordination. The organization shows a great deal of concerns for increasing profit that reflects the overall performance of Acme. Acme emphasizes increasing productivity and high volume output of printed circuits and their subsequent assembly. Acme is trying to retain the basic structure developed by technological products by looking at its internal efficiency; detailing and job descriptions.

Acme's managerial style is like a machine philosophy explaining all natural phenomena, including human behavior, while Omega's managerial style is based on an organic structure. Acme's vertical differentiation constitutes the dispersion of authority between the organizational hierarchy and gives the organization more control over its projects and activities. Acme is highly centralized, managers of the top of the hierarchy have all the power to make most of the decisions for the company, and subordinates are expected to follow orders. Although, Acme has established a high level of...
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