The Painted Veil .Charles Townsend

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Charles Townsend is the most "prudent" hero of the novel The Painted Veil. He was Assistant Colonial Secretary in Hong Kong. Charlie was probably the most popular man in the colony. He played tennis, polo and golf. He kept racing ponies. He never let red tape interfere with him. He put on no airs. He always left an impression of very conceited person. Kitty, the main heroine of the novel, was introduced to him when she went to dine with her husband Walter Fane at the Townsends` place. That day Charlie made her laugh, he spoke to her about everything in his deep, rich voice, a delightful expression in his kind, shining blue eyes, which made Kitty feel very much at home with him. Of course, he had a charm. That was what made him so pleasant. He was tall, six foot two at hast and he had a beautiful figure; he was evidently in very good condition and he had not a spare ounce of fat on him. He was well-dressed, his face was deeply sunburned. Kitty liked the little trim curly moustache which did not conceal his full red lips. He had black hair, short and brushed very sleek. But, of course, Townsend`s eyes were his best feature: they were so blue, and they had a laughing tenderness which persuaded Kitty of the sweetness of his disposition. She had never been in love before. It was wonderful. And now that she knew what love she felt was a sudden sympathy for the love that Walter bore her. She adored Charles. She did not believe that there was anything he couldn`t do. As for Walter Fane, he knew everything about the relations between Kitty and Charlie Townsend but he did not show it. When his wife asked him why he hadn`t tried to thrash Charles and break into the room when he knew that she was there with Townsend, Walter said that he was too proud to fight. He was very clever. Dr. Fane promised his wife to bring an action for divorce if he got a written promise from Charlie to marry Kitty within a week. He was absolutely right and sensitive in his actions because when...
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