The Painted Veil

Topics: Love, Marriage, W. Somerset Maugham Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: June 15, 2012
The pained veil.

I have just read one of the Somerset Maugham’s novels under the title of “ The painted veil”, which he wrote in 1925. In his preface to the novel Maugham wrote, that he had felt a desire to use the story as an inspiration, but re-wrote it and made a more modern version of it. According to his words, it was the first time he started writing from a story instead of from a character. I can dare say, that the plot of the book is very tricky. But there is a great depth of meaning in the novel, which is finely hiding from inattentive reader. Its main message is a critique of society, its shallowness and selfishness. Maugham clearly demonstrates how people are so concerned with social standards and keeping to that standards, that they will act in a heartless manner. He shows how people have got used to think that marriage should involve social status and wealth rather then happiness and love. The author conveys this idiocy through wit and satire given in the lines descriptions of the characters.

“The painted veil” is a romantic drama about a couple with a broken relationship. It is full of valuable lessons about life, love and sacrifice. Walter Fane was a bacteriologist. He had a job at Hong Kong and came home to London on leave. At a dance to which some friends had brought him he mat Kitty Garstin, beautiful young lady. Kitty had been brought up with the knowledge that she was going beautiful woman. Her skin was her greatest beauty, but her eyes with their long lashes were so starry and so melting that it gave one a catch at the heart to look into them. She had a charming gaiety and the desire to please. She was lively and was willing to chatter all day long. And she laughed easily

Her mother, Mrs Garstin bestowed upon Kitty all her harsh and calculating affection. By arranging good marriages for her daughters Kitty and Doris, Mrs. Garstin expected to make up for all the disappointments of her life. It was not a good marriage she aimed at...
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