The Painted Door: Analysis If Ann

Topics: Africa, Racism, Human rights Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: April 8, 2013
“You are not better than others and They are not better than you”

Racism has always existed, and in many part of the world it still does, even though it is less noticeable. The worst time of all was in the 1960's and the 50's when racial segregation took place in America. Black Americans were separated from the rest of the white society in every aspect . They had separate washrooms, separate water fountains, separate schools. They were not allowed in restaurants, no one employed them, as people put signs on their front doors saying” no colors allowed”. Racism separates people in a very unfair way, therefore it should never be allowed or take place anywhere in the world.

Fascism was one of the forms of discrimination where the rich people profited from the poor by and it started taking place in 1932 when the dictator Mussolini came into power. People with privileges were allowed to kill poor people and no one was ever concerned about it because at the time it was legal. This form of nationalism demands separation of the people by race , nations, religion, culture and gender. Violence and terror became tolerable a public policy for the privileged people. Little children, women, and man were discriminated and killed. The biggest example of racism was the Holocaust where more than six million Jews were killed and massacred as a result of the hatred they had against them. A strong form of racism was shown in Africa where the Hutus killed millions of people in order to build their own race that they thought was dominant. It is not fair that people get treated that way. Everyone is the same and everyone should have the same rights and freedoms and the others.

Racism also brought slavery. The slaves were usually back Americans or Africans. People used them to do the most horrible jobs in the most horrible conditions there could ever be and they ere paid real cheap or not at all. More than seven million slave were imported to America and the rich world...
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