The Pact by the Three Doctors

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  • Published : September 10, 2009
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Ayana Graham
Ms. Smith
English IH
An internal conflict I found in each of the characters was the choice between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing. Each character found that peer pressure got the best all of them and if they were to succeed and over-achieve, they would have to rebel from it. Knowing that their family members were rooting for them and counting on them, they finally decided to get their acts together and buckle down. Sooner or later they found out that hitting the books wasn’t as difficult as they made it out to be. They all felt that they had made some hard and wrong decisions because they didn’t stand up for what was right and tried to follow along with the crowd. After these experiences, I guess they realized their reality was what they made of it, not what others attempted to make it. Throughout their college years spent together, the three learned to help each other stay focused and achieve their dreams, leading them into a world of success, intelligence, and happiness. An external conflict in the novel would be the negative influences of some friends. Knowing that if it they backed out of a certain situation, they would be considered weak and “punks,” Sampson, Rameck, and George went along with anything their friends suggested. Some of these same “suggestions” led each and every one of them in jail. Once they had a taste of their own medicine, George, Sampson, and Rameck decided to straighten up and do whatever necessary and possible to become successful and leaders to younger children in their community. They all knew that jail was not a part of their lifestyle and immediately realized that they wanted a change. So together, they all encouraged each other to accomplish things that they found were once out of their reach. As soon as they got down to business and worked hard, they eventually were entitled as qualified, extraordinary doctors. Reading this story put a lot of things in my life into perspective. I...
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