The Overwhelming Power of Love

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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The Overwhelming Power of Love

Do you believe that love can overcome anything? It is one of the sole forces that keeps this world going. Love can span throughout many different fronts, like love for family, friends, pets, and people in general. Back in in the 19th Century, some slave owners loved and cherished their slaves, while many were cruel and mean to them. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1952 that helps to show the struggles of slaves during that time period along with interactions with owners both loving and cruel. Despite this, one theme remains a constant in the book: love conquers all. The story already starts off with a loving family of slave owners, the Shelby’s, that own many of the protagonists in this book. Some of the main characters owned by them are Uncle Tom, whose love and faith for God inspires all those around them, and Eliza, who has a son and husband who lives on a different plantation who all dearly love each other. Even in the way Stowe has set up the characters and their properties, you can see love is going to play a big part in this novel. Tom spends his whole life a faithful, loving man. Even throughout tough times in his life, all he needed was his bible to get him through it. His, faith, and subsequently his love, is what makes him such an extraordinary character. “Trusted to an unlimited extent by a careless master, who handed him a bill without looking at it, and pocketed the change without counting it, Tom had every facility and temptation to dishonesty; and nothing but an impregnable simplicity of nature, strengthened by Christian faith, could have kept him from it.” (Cabin Ch. 18) Not only did he take on his master’s household accounting was in a position to steal money and didn’t, but he successfully compelled one of his owners stop drinking and work on his faith in God. Later on, Tom ends up being bought by the St. Clare family. The daughter of the family, Eva, is the perfect example of...
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