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The overall activities of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)

Report On

The overall Activities


Dutch Bangla Bank limited


Prepared For

Shohana Islam
Course Instructor Business Communication
Department of Business Administration,
Stamford University Bangladesh

Prepared By

Md. fakhruddin Nomani
ID : BBA 03009721

Submission Date

15th September, 2009

At first we express my gratitude to the omnipotent and almighty Allah, whose invisible guidance helped me to complete this report.

I also would like to express my indebt ness to my honorable course teacher Shohana Islam Lecturer, Stamford University, for her intellectual suggestions, guidance and help extended to me to accomplish this task.

I will also be so pleased to show my acknowledged sincerity to those, who are indirectly involved in preparing this report by giving my necessary information to prepare this report as comprehensive and informative, as limited resource would allow.

Stamford University Bangladesh

15th September, 2009

Shohana Islam
Course instructor: Business Communication
Department of Business Administration,
Stamford University Bangladesh

Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to submit the report on “Overall activities of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited” which was assigned to me by you as a part of BUS-224, Business Communication course outline.

We have taken at most care to present this report and this report has been excellent outlet for combining theoretical and practical aspect. We have visited the organization and collect information.

Since this report is our first endeavor on this topic, inspire of our best effort there may be lacking a fault, we will be ready to accept any suggestion at any aspect of this report.

We have a great interest on this report and we will be highly motivated if this report meets your desired expectation. And we are always being ready to reply all inquires that you may have regarding this report.

Yours sincerely

Md. fakhruddin Nomani

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) a public company limited by shares, incorporated in Bangladesh in the year 1995 under companies Act 1994.

DBBL is a Bangladesh European private joint venture scheduled commercial bank commenced formal operation from June 3, 1996. The head office of the Bank is located at Senakalyan Bhaban (4th floor),195, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) is one of the leading reputed well-established large banking organizations who handle the banking operation in effective way. Its management process is strong and support and coordinate all other department.

The management processes run in whole organization similar management process are used in each department in their head office and also in other branches. For the demand of time they sometimes change their management process.

The HRD design job analysis, which include job description and job specification. The job description and job specific is done in a effective way so that the job applicant and the employees understand their job criteria and career opportunity.

HRD recruit employees from a diverse population. The employee testing and selection process is done through the BIBM and IBA. After final selections then the new recruited employees are sent to the DBBL own training center as well BIBM and BBTA.

The bank’s activities are based on trust and relationships, the Bank’s policy are to look after people who want to make a long term career with the Bank because trust and relationship are built over time. Remuneration packages may be an important to motivate for joining a company, but it is not the only one. In case of DBBL, it is the excellence DBBL with good values, fairness, potential for success, scope to develop a broad interesting career etc, which attract people to join and work with DBBL.

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) a public...
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