The Outsiers Essay Test

Topics: S. E. Hinton, The Outsiders, Robert Frost Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: November 26, 2012
“The Outsiders” – Essay test

The “Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton has three main themes, innocence, misunderstanding, and loneliness. In chapter eight, Johnny states, “ Sixteen years on the streets and you can learn a lot. But all the wrong things, not the things you want to learn.” This quote is saying that you learn how to live a rough life you learn to fight and fend for yourself. When living on the streets; you usually don't get a traditional education like learning how to do math or play a sport.

The Outsiders shows the importance of preserving the hope, open-mindedness, and appreciation of beauty that are characteristic of childhood. Primarily through the character of Dallas (Dally Winston) the novel also shows how easily experience can harden people and cause them to lose these youthful traits. It also shows the tragic results of this process. dally’s rough Childhood has made him tough and fearsome, and he seems not to care about anything. But Dally has a soft spot too—his love for Johnny. Johnny represents the hope that Dally has lost, and Dally strives to protect Johnny from the forces that threaten to pull him into the cycle of violence that has enveloped Dally. When Johnny and Dally die, an acknowledgment of the death of any hope in his life. Johnny’s dying words, “stay gold,” also touch on this theme by referencing the Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” While the poem’s message—that all beautiful things Never stay—forces the two boys to realize that they can’t hide from the realities of growing up.

Both the Socs and the greasers sacrifice their individuality to the styles and sentiments of their groups. Greasers, for example, wear their hair long and oiled, and share a common hostility toward the Socs. at the start of the novel, Ponyboy is a dedicated greaser even though he knows that certain aspects of his personality make him different from the rest of the gang (he likes movies, books and is still in school). He also feels...
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