The Outsiders

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Storyboard Analysis
This storyboard is about a scene in The Outsiders in which Ponyboy and Johnny get into a fight with some Socs. It contains many techniques to emphasize certain ideas plot details in the story. This is shown through the camera, lighting, and sound.

First, in shot #1, the camera The first shot establishes the setting of the entire setting. The low angle of the camera makes the story seem like a very personal matter that the audience is nosily watching. Then it quickly turns to the Socs, getting back to their car, and pans quickly back to Johnny and Pony. Then, it zooms in on Pony, to show that he is the main idea, since he then does an internal monologue. Next, there is a shot, reverse, shot sequence between Pony and Bob, who are trash talking each other. The camera then shows Johnny sneaking his switchblade out of his pocket, which creates dramatic irony since the Socs don’t notice. There is another shot, reverse, shot sequence, this time between Pony and Johnny getting beaten up. Shot 10 is a close up on Pony, which is used to create suspense about his health. In shots 11 and 12 the blur effect is used to put the audience in Pony’s perspective. The close up on Johnny’s face shows his nervousness. In shots 16 and 17 Johnny and Pony are together, to show their friendship, and then away from each other to demonstrate their personal worrying. Finally the scene is ended with a sequence of a sunset (a symbol of the entire book), a black screen, and then the logo( a finalizing label for the film).

Next, lighting is also used to create an effect on the film. The low key lighting gives the entire film a serious mood. The second shot shows the Socs getting out of their car. The backlighting on them makes the audience feel at ease about them, until you see Pony and Johnny’s faces in shot #3. It shows the fear in their eyes, but they don’t scream or run, because they don’t want to let the Socs know how...
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