The Outliers

Topics: Malcolm Gladwell, Christopher Langan, Outliers Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: December 10, 2012
There´s many a slip between the cup and the lip
The Outliers exposes remarkable stories about successful people and goes behind the curtains to highlight key events in the life of these individuals that led them to their good fortune. For the most part Mr. Gladwell thesis is pretty simple; in order to win the lottery you must first buy a lottery ticket. Of course the author wrote a book on this therefore he goes a lot more into detail on how and why was the ticket purchased, what ethnicities tend to spend more money gambling and well you get the idea. Todd Marinovish is a perfect example of an outlier therefore the ESPN documentary has some interesting contrast with the book. “The 10,000 hour rule,”” The Three lessons from Joe Flom” and “The trouble with geniuses” are the chapters that relate to “Robot Quarterback” the most.

In Chapter 2 Mr. Gladwell talks about the theory of becoming an expert on any activity we do in life. Throughout this chapter he claims that 10,000 hours of hard work and practice are required to become experts in any matter. Now the 10,000 hour rule does not mean you will be the best it just means you will be an expert. To be the best other things will come into consideration; on the mean time let us focus in becoming experts. The Beatles consider one of the best rock bands of all times had multiple hours of practice in Hamburg before they became famous. Another example in the book is Mr. Windows (Bill Gates) who as a teen would have the opportunity to practice in a nearby university for many hours before becoming a computer genius. Getting back to Mr. Marinovish he would be the perfect example of 10,000 hours applied to a specific activity in his case football. From a young age Todd Marinovish was train to become a perfect quarterback and all the practice will make him an expert quarterback and those skills will come in handy through his high school, college and very short professional career.

Throughout Chapter 5 the...
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