The Other Wes Moore One Name Two Fates

Topics: African American, Black people, Decision making Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: August 20, 2012
The book "The Wes Moore", tells "the story of two boys living in Baltimore" who shares a similar life history within the "same black community", in addition to having identical names (Moore & Smiley, 2010). Written by Wes Moore and Tavis Smiley, it recounts the real life stories of the two "Wes Moores", the different journeys and destinies of their life. One Wes Moore ends up as a "phi beta kappa graduate of the John Hopkins University", a "white house fellow", an "army officer" and as the co-author of the book (Sragow, 2010). The "other Wes Moore" ends up as a thief, drug dealer and "a convicted killer"; a sharp difference in comparison to the life of the "lucky" Wes Moore (Moore & Smiley, 2010). As can be seen in the book, it is not luck that determines their different fates in life, but rather a number of factors that could also ensure other African Americans succeed as opposed to failing in life (Moore & Smiley, 2010).

The juxtaposition of their two lives clearly indicates the distinctly and extremely different paths that the two take in their separate lives. This leaves the reader further questioning on what could have happened to save the "other Wes Moore" from making such destructive choices in his life (Moore & Smiley, 2010). Having shared similar background, both would have most likely ended up with similar results; so what really makes the difference in their lives? This would provide essential information on what could be done to motivate many of the African -American to succeed in life; right from their education, their relationships with others, leading to better future. Reflecting on their lives and how they respond to challenges, in the context of the prevailing circumstances sheds light on the same.

Education is an imperative to future success as is seen in the life of the lucky" Wes Moore. His mother notes his failing performance at school, which also connects with his delinquencies and suspensions from school (Moore & Smiley, 2010). The...
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