The Other Boylen Girl

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn, Marriage Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The Other Boleyn Girl/ Philipa Gregory:

Summary: "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philipa Gregory is a romantic novel, based on true characters and events in history. King Henry the 8th is known for many things, one of which his numerous wives' and mistresses. The king had six wives, only one of which managed to make it through the entire marriage. The first, Princess Kathrin was divorced, she was replaced by Ann Boleyn. Before Ann Boleyn, King Henry had a mistress- Mary Boleyn, Ann's younger sister. The book is about Ann's and Mary's rise and fall from power. As well as the difficulty this competition added to their already existing sibling rivalry. Ann Boleyn, just as Kathrin before her, was not able to grant the king a male hire. This caused the king to hate her, and despise of her as well. All of the love he had for her when they were young had left, the king found a new younger woman to love- Jane Seymour. The king accused Ann of indecent acts with her brother George Boleyn. She was executed on the London Tower, and till this day no one knows rather the accusations were true or false. Character Description:

The narrator of the book is Mary Boleyn, Ann's sister. Therefore, the description of the characters is according to the way she perceives them. Ann Boleyn: Ann is an ambitious young woman, in an age that did not appreciate successful woman. In the 16th century the only way a woman could succeed was through the men she was with. Ann uses her beauty and wit to her advantage. She attempts to succeed on her own, and does not listen to her family's demands. She is cold and harsh, always attempting to be the best in everything. She is addicted to the attention she constantly draws, and harms herself trying to always be the centre of attention. Ann is always in a battle with her sister, and even goes as far as stealing her child in order to insure the king never returns to her sister. She has loved only one man in her life, but was forced to leave him due to...
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