The Other Boy

Topics: Want, Need, Love Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Tanya Orona


English IV

March 24, 2013

The Other Boy

Would you give up everything that you knew you wanted just to have something better later on, Even if it costs you your friends? The book “The other boy” by Hailey Abbott is based off of a girl learning that when you have something good not to let it go. Everyone needs to think about what they have before you let it go. Celeste finds a new person that she starts to fall for. But not knowing what to do she gets caught up making a decision. Looking past what is there she thinks that she has everything in the world. She soon realizes that what she thought was perfect actually isn’t perfect at all. Her world gets flipped around so she’s forced to look at things a different way.

Celeste is a simple Los Angeles girl that has a hot boyfriend. Thinking that she has everything in the world at the moment she gets caught up with fun. She gets punished for throwing a party when she thought that her parents left. She is not forced to leave her boyfriend and friends behind and go to Napa valley with her parents to work on the family vineyard. While she is there she meets a boy that she finds cute but annoying. She comes to know him more after being forced to work with him in transforming the dirt and rusted wine tasting room into something else. As much as she doesn’t wish to be with her parents or even near David she tries to get her way so she doesn’t have to put in any work towards the place. She gets her boyfriend to agree on coming up to visit her on her birthday but ending the night on them breaking up isn’t what she wanted to happen. She wants nothing from anyone. She just wants to get back to her normal life with her friends to enjoy her summer and to have things go back to the way they should be. But towards the end she dumps her boyfriend Brian and gets together with David realizing that she loves him so she tells him “David, you’re my true...
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