The Other Boleyn Girl

Topics: Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII of England, Long shot Pages: 6 (1705 words) Published: March 9, 2011
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Introduction…………………………………………………………………..3 Plot Segmentatin……………………………………………………………4-7 Sequence Anylysis…………………………………………………………..7-8


„The Other Boleyn Girl“ is a historical drama based on the novel of Philippa Gregory and tells the tale of romance, intrigues and betrayal of a defining moment in English history. It is set in the 16th century when the two sisters, Anne and Mary Boleyn are driven by their father and uncle to advance the family’s power and status. They are expected to divert the King of England who, immediately goes for the younger daughter, Mary. She gives birth to a son, which pleases the King, as the Queen, Catherine of Aragon fails to provide a male heir to the English throne. Anne’s aim though is, to become the Queen of England and she won’t give up. What starts as a bid ends in a ruthless rivalry between the two sisters. Both of them fight for the King’s love and father and uncle have to admit in the end that they have gone too far. Anne and her brother George, being accused of adultery and incest, are both killed and Mary decides to spend the rest of her life, far away from the court and her family.

I read a couple of film reviews and found out that it was an enjoyable film with two great main characters. The chemistry between the two sisters is outstanding and the dialogue snappy. As the events are based on history and the viewer usually knows the outcome, the atmosphere and aspect of rivalry is impressive. Nevertheless they sometimes skipped too quickly from one shot to the next and everything seemed a little disjointed and hurried, which was a shame because the beautiful costumes and the outstanding attention to detail. Overall it is regarded as an enjoyable film with accurate connection to history, a little bit too trivial, though.

I chose this film, because I am very interested in book and films which deal with English history and I was especially impressed by this film, because it shows a very important and essential period of English history and deals with personalities, such as Henry VIII, who are simply a part of this history and who had a great influence on the country and its people.

Plot Segmentation

Two main locations: the court of the King = X
the home of the Boleyns in the country = Y

1. X
The Boleyns are preparing the wedding of their younger daughter, Mary, and William Carey 2. Y
The Queen, Catherine of Aragon, has a miscarriage and the King is disappointed that she has failed again to provide a male heir to the English throne. 3. Y
a. The wedding of Mary and William Carey takes place.
b. Sir Thomas Boleyn and his brother-in-law decide to put Anne, Mary’s older sister, under the King’s nose in order to please him with a young, healthy girl who is able to give him a male heir. c. They arrange a two-days-visit for the King where Anne should divert him, despite the pleas of Elizabeth Boleyn, the mother.

4. Y
a. The King spends two days with the Boleyns.
b. He asks Mary, instead of Anne to come to court and wants to provide her a future at Court. c. Mary and the whole family are taken to court.

5. X
a. Mary is confronted with the Queen, who has already realised that Mary has been invited by the majesty in order to amuse him and kind of replace herself. b. Anne has an eye on Henry Percy who is already taken.

c. The Kind and Mary spend their first night together and the father and uncle are satisfied that Mary could please the King.

6. In the nearby woods
a. Anne secretly marries Henry Percy.
b. Mary finds out about the marriage and tells her father. c. As a punishment, Anne is sent to join the court of the French Queen to learn her lesson.

7. X
a. Mary is pregnant.
b. George, brother of Anne and Mary, marries Jane Parker. c. Mary nearly miscarries and is ordered to stay in bed for the rest of the...
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