The Orphanage of Almaty

Topics: Foster care, Orphanage, Orphan Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: January 30, 2008
Mr. Woo linked President's Bush Speech to the future prosperity of Sunny Days. Why? Sunny Days operates in a complex marketing environment, consisting of uncontrollable forces to with company must adapt. First of all the orphanage depended on sponsorship from foreign foster families. Economic hardship occurred due to environmental impact of increased production and consumption of carbon fuels in the USA would affect to Sunny Days, although this was forecasted the economic growth for Kazakhstan. According to Sunny Day's Income Statement the lion share of the orphanage revenue composed of foreign foster parent donation and hotel operations. Naturally Mr. Bush energy strategy required an immediate strategic response from Sunny Days. If orphans are critical for Sunny Days, what is the solution? Sunny Day's marketing goals measures its performance in the orphanage and evaluates the causes of any differences between expected and actual performance. Finally, after Mr. Bush's Speech Mr. Woo took corrective action to close the gaps between its goals and its performance. Perhaps it is necessary to change the action program. To me Sunny Day have to request sponsorship from local companies. On account of the economic growth, plenty of huge local companies appeared in Kazakhstan's market. They can get from Government reduction in tax and at the same time to carry out promo action. Does an orphanage provide advantages/disadvantages in student recruiting? Do you see other aspects, which would effect placement of these students? According to law orphans have benefit of priority right to study at University. Sunny Days' graduates have opportunity to go to University oriented high-schools or Trade School as well as to study in Hotel and Restaurant School. Here is a positive aspect that it is easy for orphans to adapt to adult life. After long time they are used to the orphanage and it became like native home. Some of them didn't want to leave it so it let to combine wishes and...
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