The Original Sin (Poem)

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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The Original Sin

Throughout the book of Genesis, the serpent has been portrayed as the evil entity several times. The most evident example of this is the story of the snake telling Eve to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. She, in turn gives the fruit to Adam who also consumes it. This poem is my representation of this famed story.

The Original Sin

A woman and a man,an essential part of God’s master plan.The Garden of Eden, the place they lived.They were given all it had to offer, except for one thing. Not allowed the forbidden fruit,but the snake tricked Eve, he did beguile. He spoke with an evil smile,“To be like God, the forbidden fruit ye must eat” Eve was convinced, she had been defeat.The temptation far too much,she had to have just one touch.She bit into the apple with a sense of satisfaction. Yet, for the first time she sensed a strange emotion,for she felt guilty, awaiting God’s reaction. The serpent had triumphed.His evil game he had played,Eve was no longer the creature that God had made.She persuaded the man to follow her request. He did so swiftly, the apple he did accept. “What hath thou done?” inquired their lord,for they had done wrong; for their sins, they would be punished forever long.They had committed the original sin, therefore God had to discipline.The serpent was the one to blame, in the eyes of God he showed no shame. For He showed his power and might He forced the snake to crawl upon the earth day and night.
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