The Origin of Veterans Day

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drum corps, and other marching and musical units. These organizations may also provide speakers with unique milit
ary experiences to share.
8. The Department of Veterans Affairs
Local VA facilities — medical centers, regional
benefits offices and national cemeteries — can serve as sources of information and speakers for Veterans Day programs. They c
an also provide contact with local veterans
service organizations and arrange visits, tour
s and other special programs for students.
To contact your local VA facilities, look
under Department of Veterans Affairs in the
Federal Government listings in the local telephone directory. 9. Classroom Activities
Veterans Day themes can be in
cluded in writing assignments.
First-person accounts of military service
of a relative or friend can help develop
narrative skills. Assign students to investigat
e the various benefits offered to veterans
by government agencies. Write about veter
ans who are receiving educational benefits
from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Describe various veterans memorials which
may be located nearby.
The colorful and varied uniforms worn by me
mbers of the armed forces throughout our
history offer students of all ages ideal subj
ects to draw and paint. Elementary-school
children enjoy opportunities to create and ex
hibit costume items. Making colored
construction paper hats representing various military eras is a modest and effective way of interesting pupils in Veterans Day subjects. Ask students to research and list all their known relatives who served in the Armed Fo

rces. Since nearly 30 percent of the United
States population are veterans, th
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