The Origin of Software

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Stud. Name : Supervisor : Chapter II: The Origins of Software Review Questions

Jasour A.Obeidat Dr.Hebah Nassir Dein

2. How can you decide among various off-the-shelf software options? What criteria should you use? At first, we have to understand organization requirement because it will be a big mistake if we paid company's money into off-the-shelf software to find out that it does not meet the requirements. Then we have to ask ourselves three questions in order to decide between off-the-shelf software candidates: - Does the candidate software fill developer needs? - Is the quality of candidate high enough? - What the impact will candidate software have on organization system? Criteria for choosing off-the-shelf software depend on: 12345678Cost. Functionality. Vendor support. Viability of vendor. Flexibility. Documentation. Response time. Ease installation.

3. What is an RFP and how do analysts use one to gather information on hardware and software? Request for proposal (RFP) is a document provided to vendors to ask them to propose hardware and software products or services that will meet the requirements of a new information system. And based on vendor's bids, analysts select the best candidate. In order to have full information on hardware and software analysts follow different ways, this can be summarized as the following: Trial Installation. Reputation. Computerized surveys. Comparing between alternatives. Information System Development Assignment No.1

Middle East University

Trial installation represents common way that vendors take by installing their software for a limited amount of time on organization, because in this way analysts can determine how software will work in organization environment, not in optimized environment. Reputation is an important way in order to gather information about software packages since vendors usually provide a list of customers and people who are willing to be contacted by prospective customers. In addition...
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