The Origin Of Financial System

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Bank Marketing


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DESCRIPTION Executive summary The Financial System Origin of The Word BANK Definition of Bank and marketing Finance and banking in India Users of Banking Services Meaning of Marketing Evolution of the marketing concept Marketing and Competition Marketing Concepts – Its application to Banking Meaning of Bank Marketing Market Research in Indian Banks Increasing Importance of Marketing in Banking Industry Market Segmentation Marketing Mix for Banking Services Strategies for Segmentation Marketing Mix for banking services Strategies for effective bank marketing in India Technology in Banking What are customer services Case study Bank Marketing in the Indian Perceptive Future of Bank Marketing Conclusion Refrences

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Bank Marketing


Bank Marketing

HTTP://PAKISTANMBA.JIMDO.COM FOR DOWNLOADING THIS REPORT AND FOR MORE PROJECTS, ASSIGNMENTS, REPORTS ON MARKETING, MANAGEMENT, ECONOMICS MARKETING MANAGEMENT, ACCOUNTING, HUMAN RESOURCE, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT COST ACCOUNTING VISIT HTTP://PAKISTANMBA.JIMDO.COM THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM The financial system consists of variety of institutions, markets and instruments that are related in the manner shown in the below figure, it provides the principal means by which saying are transformed into investment. Given its role in the allocation of resources, the efficient functioning of the financial system is of critical importance to a modern economy. Financial manager negotiate loans from financial institutions, 3

Bank Marketing

raises resources in financial marked and invests surplus funds in financial market. In very significant way he manages the interface between the form and its financial environment.

Financial System placed a very important role in the development of a country. Through Financial System, entire money or money equals are channelized in such a way so that each sector of economy like industry, agriculture and services can be developed rationally. Financial sector development is the locomotive force for economic development of a country.

According to some economists the word ‘Bank’ has been derived from the German word BANC which means a Joint Stock Firm while others say that 4

Bank Marketing

it has been derived from the Italian world ‘BANCO’ which means a heap or mound.

There is still another group of people who believe that word bank has been derived from the Greek work ‘BANQUE’ which means a bench. In the olden days, Jews entered into money transactions sitting on benches in a marked place. When a banker was not in a position to meat his obligations, the on which he was carrying on the money business was broken into pieces and the was taken as bankrupt. Thus both the words Bank or bankrupt are said to have origin from the word ‘Banque’.

According to Oxford English Dictionary, Bank is, “An establishment for custody of money received from or on behalf of, its customers. Its essential duty is the payment of the orders given on it by the customers, its profit mainly from the investment of money left unused by them”.

Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (Sec. 5(c)), has defined the banking company as, “Banking Company means any company which transacts business of banking in India”. According to Section 5B, “banking means the accepting of deposit of money from the public for the purpose of leading or investment, which are repayable on demand or otherwise and are withdrawable by cheque, draft, order or otherwise.”


Bank Marketing

Different economists, banking professionals and authorities explained their viewpoint regarding bank or commercial bank. It has been rightly said by A.K. Basu that a general definition of a bank or banking is by no means easy, as the concepts of banking differ from age to age, and country to country....
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