The Origin of Art

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  • Published : November 12, 2010
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Define Art
Bruce E Harvey

Art is all around us no matter where you walk; where you stand you can virtually look around and find creative art. Art is beautiful and articulate, now let’s think back and realize where art was invented; the word “Art “where did it originate from. Well as I researched a few defines this is what I found from two different resources. The word Art itself is Latin and originally spoken in Rome called Latium, ars means arrangement or to arrange. It has been noted that no one can really define art because the way people standards are for their taste and judgment in what one would consider art. Art has always been known for its high-class associated with wealth and been able to purchase both works of art and have the time to enjoy them. (2010). For many reasons people come up with their many definitions of art and some feel that it is a difficult word to define without starting an endless argument! Definitions will vary depending on how they divide all that is not considered art; the most common means is to rely on the experts. Some cultures will not refer to their work as art and will use a term like material culture or visual culture. (Delahunt, 2010). Painting

Splitting Twilight by Kristin Baker, this piece is a built up of acrylic paint she uses practical two and 3 dimension as printmaking and paper assemblage, she applies illusionistic and pictorial spaces with artificial forms and surfaces. Instead of using a brush she uses a outline of torn tape and the silhouette is filled with paint and the tape is ripped away, the tapes are layered together to make a form and the landscape are scraped away to show the color beneath. This piece to me is art, the form the texture and the way it catches your eye. Sculpture

The Lost Correspondent by Jason De Caires Taylor, This is a man that is sitting at a desk underwater with a typewriter, the desk is filled with newspaper and articles dating...
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