The Orgnization Culture Differences Between China and Japan

Topics: Management, Chinese language, Overseas Chinese Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Q1: I think there are two different situation of Chinese enterprises to compare with Japanese companies in the aspect of management. The first kind of companies usually has only one leader and a small scale both in the number of employees and the range of business. In addition, they are not globalized enough. Although they may do business with foreigners, they use traditional Chinese way to solve problems. The similarity is they all like follow one agreement made by top manager, but the reasons can be different. In Chinese companies is for avoiding trouble discussing with top managers further whereas in Japanese companies is to remaining harmony and concentrating on one goal. After the dicision is made, differences also exists. Japanese employees will do exactly what the company’s goal is despite the fact that they may disagree it before. As to Chinese, employee may perform negatively if the dicision doesn’t agree with themselves. In Japanese company, people regard seniority, but Chinese people regard relationship or Guanxi more. This is also a difference. The second kind of enterprises are closer to western style or more international. Youngsters are given more chance to propose ideas and take over management of high level, so it has something to do with the next question.

Q2:If I work in a western management environment, I would like to cherish every oppotunity and show my unique character. If I work among a team, I will also spare no effort to do the task. If I work in a Japanese management environment, be familiar with comity is necessary. The elders should be regard as the most respective one in the company. I will try to put the benefit of the company to the first place and consider other’s need rather than myself and feel proud as a member of the company.

Q3: First, the core of the problem is Japanese companies’ culture of consensus-based decision-making. As we know, Japan has long been a country dominated by emperors, so individualism always bow...
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