The Organisation Sturcture of Stabucks and Homestart

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Unit 1- P3 and P4 Bethany Turvey

How two businesses are organised
My editor has asked me to write a follow-up article on how Starbucks and Homestart are organised and how they are structured and how they affect the business, but also how important it is to have a structure within an organisation.


The Starbucks organisational chart is a tall hierarchy, with different functional areas and chain of command:  CEO- Howard Schultz is head of the company, he is passionate about having the best coffee house chain in the world and to make the experience of Starbucks the best it can be. Human resources- Kaleen Homes as Vice President of HR, she is responsible all aspects of people management in the Starbucks. She will be in charge of; policy making, welfare, administration, being supportive with mangers, education, development and negotiating. Sales – sales are responsible for getting the customers to buy from Starbucks. Sales will have to work closely to marketing to know what the customers want. The main aspect of sales is to create profit for Starbucks from their product. For example Starbucks have started to put your name on your coffee cup this make Starbucks want to relate and be more personal with their customers. 1

Unit 1- P3 and P4 Bethany Turvey

Marketing- Jeff Hansberry is President to marketing, marketing is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying the customer requirements. Starbucks has to find out what their customer wants and what their main market is or what market to reach out too. They will have to deal with; product, price promotion and place. These are important detail to make the maximum profit. Production /operation- Troy Alstead is President of production/ operation, in the in this role he is responsible for who makes the products and how and when they are made, Troy is responsible for the raw materials and to get them where they need to be, to make the coffee or other product. Customer service – Arthur RubinFeld is President of customer service, he is in charge of making sure all of the Starbucks customers is at least satisfied with their products and the experience. He wants to improve the “journey” a customer has with Starbucks and make it more personal and enjoyable. Finance and accounts – this department are responsible for all finance of Starbucks, they need to be constantly aware of the financial state of the business, this important within Starbucks to keep all of their financial records to predict a forecast for upcoming years and to see where they are losing and gaining money from. ICT- Adam Brotman and Curt Garner is in charge of the ICT of the Starbucks, the both have different role in the ICT. Adam Brotman is in charge of the computers, take advantage with technology and launch Starbucks in to the electronic wold. Adam would work closely with all aspects for the functional team however mostly with marketing because he would be charge of the website and promotion for product and Starbucks experience itself, whereas Curt Garner is in charge of engineering service for all of the Starbucks businesses, this is where he would be in charge of machinery in Starbucks and maintenance. These are the functional areas but also Starbucks have added geographical area head roles to suit their international business, they have job role that are in charge of continents and other roles that are essential in the large organisation to have regulated cost and mass profit. President, Americas President, Starbucks coffee chain china and Asia pacific President, Starbucks Europe, middle east and Africa Legal department Public affairs These roles are as essential as much as the functional areas; this what makes their business more successful by having different leadings role of different areas which will help the communication flow-freely, the leading roles will delegate jobs down the command of chain, they will give empowerment to the role below...
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