The Opposing Viewpoints of Slavery in the United States around the 1400s

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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By the 1400’s many northern americans had come to see slavery as an evil, while many southerners defended the institution as a positive good. What side did each side marshall in support of the case?

The opposing viewpoints of slavery in the nation by the 1400’s were very defined and profound. Morals, intentions, and motivational factors all came into play with the controversy. Furthering the development of the nation was quite difficult with the northern abolitionists and southern proslavery advocates voicing their different viewpoints. Abolitionists Stand:

The abolitionists were mostly northern citizens. They were against slavery for many reasons. Being from a very populated and industrialized area these people were cognizant of producing products and being able to make a living for themselves without reliance on slavery. Although the south had the need for slaves due to different methods of income, the northern abolitionists thought there could be alternative options then the need for slavery. Their greatest concern was that “the one retrograde in America [was] undermining the noblest political system the world ever saw” (Lincoln). In Lincoln’s speech he addresses this point sternly because the United States was supposed to be built upon democracy and freedom. With the high slave population in the South and the depreciating rights granted to slaves, the political system was heading in the opposite direction of its possible potentials. Another argument posed by abolitionists was Hinton Helper who noted that with the accumulation of work cut out for the North they have other things to accomplish and need to “feed on a more substantial diet than that of proslavery politics” (Helper). Helper is aware that the fight for slavery and against it is burdening the progress of the nation and “oligarchal despotism must be overthrown [and] slavery must be abolished” (Helper). Proslavery Outlook:

The southern proslavery outlook was very different. Their...
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