The Opportunities of Guerrilla Marketing – New Ways of Reaching Consumers Exemplified by Advertising Campaigns of Gogorilla Media

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Guerrilla marketing Pages: 11 (3840 words) Published: June 17, 2008
I List of Content

1 Introduction3
2 Guerrilla marketing vs. traditional marketing 3
3 The pros and cons of guerrilla marketing5
3.1 Chances of guerrilla marketing 6
3.2 Risks of guerrilla marketing 8
3.3 The legal aspect 9
3.4 Effects guerrilla marketing campaigns have on their audience 10 4 Word-of-mouth marketing as a side effect of guerrilla marketing 11 5 Differences between Germany and USA15
6 Conclusion 17

II List of Literature

1 Introduction

As traditional ways of convincing consumers to buy products grow less and less effective, marketers are looking for new strategies. And in alternative media they are finding fresh approaches they are looking for. “Yesterday’s innovation has become today’s expectation; so the need for new media vehicles never lets up.” This is why the company GoCard Advertising in New York City, USA, is specialized in a type of marketing called guerrilla marketing, a form of alternative media. In this essay I will discuss new ways of reaching consumers in a non-traditional way and get to the bottom of the questions: “What are the opportunities of guerrilla marketing?”

“How effective are new ways of guerrilla provisions in reaching consumers?”

I would like to mention that a lot of the information given in this essay is not based on foreign figures or analysis, but on observation and conversation with people working in the alternative media business. The result of research has shown that there is plenty of literature about guerrilla marketing available, however, it mainly discusses how to carry out guerrilla marketing rather than showing the history, advantages or effects of it. Please keep that in mind while reading this essay.

2 Guerrilla marketing vs. traditional marketing

I would like to explain the term of guerrilla marketing by the following quote: “Guerrilla derives from the Spanish language and means small battle. Guerrilla warfare is a weapon of the weak against a military majority. It is about not revealing oneself as a soldier to prevent a direct confrontation with the enemy but ambushing them later on.” This points out the strong advantage of being unnoticed as advertising and therefore finding easy access to consumers’ minds. Guerrilla marketing is all about creating and executing unconventional, imaginative and innovative marketing programs that convey maximum impact and convince consumers to buy a certain product. Promotions are very cost effective and it is the main characteristic of guerrilla marketing to operate on a low budget, but still be remarkable. It is a great opportunity for small companies to get attention from their target audience and standing out before the market leaders. A recent example is a GoGorilla Media campaign for the new internet search engine “LookSmart”. It is fairly new and did not have the means for big and expensive advertising; hence the company hired GoGorilla Media to promote their product at the 2007 Search Engine Strategies Convention in New York City where internet giants like Google and Yahoo were also present. Approximately twenty models and actors were hired to stage a fake protest in front of the Hilton in New York City, where the convention took place. Later on the group of demonstrators went into the building and marched through the convention halls handing out Starbucks gift cards, buttons and their own constitution “LookSmart” had come up with. This campaign caused a lot of attention among the convention-goers and the goal of reaching the target group and getting them to consider small businesses too, had been fulfilled. Significant about the guerrilla concept is, that the target audience is often left unaware they have been marketed to. Because of this, guerrilla marketing is sometimes called undercover or stealth marketing. All in all it is about delivering a sales message when people are not anticipating it, which is in an unexpected environment,...
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