The Operation of Power Generation Scheduling System

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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The Operation of Power Generation Scheduling System
Mohammad Sadegh Modarresi
Texas A&M University

I. Introduction
The complex nature of the electric power generation scheduling system forced engineers to divide the scheduling process into three different steps. These complexities are nowadays getting higher and higher as new technologies are being commonly in use. New advanced technologies like hybrid vehicle, and smart meters are among them. In this paper, the conventional scheduling procedure of a power system will be discussed first, and then, the challenges that each of the above mentioned technologies brought to the system will be presented in detail. II. Introduction to Power Generation Scheduling System

Generally, for conventional commodities like apple, milk, meat, etc, complexities are not in their production, but in their distribution. That is due to the fact that, historical behavior of the consumer’s demand profile is not variable. So the demand is exactly predictable. Therefore, the only thing that the producers must take care of is to follow the anticipated need for the product they produce. For instance, the demand for turkey is always at its peak during mid-November and it always decreases after the Thanksgiving Day to a fixed level which is lower. This means that producers are absolutely confident about the purchase of their products, which is guaranteed historically. So they produce more during some specific time periods, and not at a constant rate through the year. The only thing that they should consider is to find dealers to connect them to main grocery stores like HEB, Walmart, etc. This procedure is exactly inversed in the Electricity Industry. In the electrical industry, electricity will be automatically distributed. Therefore, the distribution side of the power industry is extremely simple. Instead, all the dealers are debating on the generation side. The main difference between other...
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