The Ontario Regulation 455

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Ontario Regulation 455/07 and Demerit Point System

The Ontario Regulation 455/07 and the Demerit Points System work hand in hand with each other to keep the driving roads safe and the people on it far from danger. Firstly, the Ontario Regulation 455/07 is a detailed article that states rules against extreme drivers. To begin with, this document prohibits racing on roads. Whether a driver is racing, chasing or attempting to outdistance another car, he/she will be charged with the offence of racing or contest. Drivers can also be charged with a stunt violation. This involves any indications that one or more drivers are attempting to lift some or all of his motor vehicle’s tires from the ground, to lose traction of his tires while turning or to spin, to drive with the driver and/or passengers out of their seats and to intentionally endanger other passengers on the highway. Thus, those who fail to follow the Ontario Regulation 455/07 may/will lose demerit points. Secondly, the Demerits Points System is also another way to promote road safety. All drivers begin with zero demerit points and only accumulate them when charged with convictions. The given points and the extent of the punishment vary from the charge of two to seven points depending on the magnitude of the offence and can stay on your record for two years. The punishment given also depends whether the person is a new driver or a licensed driver. The law is more severe with new drivers as the need for education on safe driving is essential and immediate. However, regardless of the type of driver a person is, this system targets everyone on the road to promote safety. In conclusion, the Ontario Regulation 455/07 and the Demerit Points System are two important documents that every driver must follow in order to insure security on the road. Can you imagine what the roads would be without these regulations and system?
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