The Onion Satirical Essay

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Satirical Essay
With an increase in consumer culture and a minimal amount of common sense, the onion uses a satirical tone to draw attention to the consumer’s gullibility and the power of the advertising industry.

Through subtle humor, the Onion is able to successfully mock the intriguing diction of genuine advertisements. The advertisement claims that through “no fewer than five forms of pseudoscience”, Magnasoles are able to “stimulate and soothe” consumers feet. This directly mocks the unanimous “more is better” mindset of the consumers. Furthermore, the creators of Magnasole are able to persuade the consumer into purchasing their product by recognizing and playing to the consumer’s mindset. In addition, the alliteration in “stimulate and soother” provides a false wellbeing for the public. The sly humor mimics the ridiculousness of consumers, as they are putty in the hands of the creators.

Throughout the article, the Onion employs a satirical tone to satirize how products are marketed to customers. Although the magnetic soles are said to “[restore] the foot’s natural bio-flow”, the solution is misleading. Even though there is no problem with a consumer’s ambulation, these so-called scientists create such words, like “bio-flow”, to suggest that there are unknown issues with the human biomechanics. By creating such words, it mocks the false sense of professionalism that the makers of Magnasoles encompass. This tongue-in-cheek method mocks the gullibility of the consumer’s as they will believe in the faux scientific terms. In conclusion, the audience to raise awareness and creates a humorous view on the misleading advertisement in today’s industry. Through its diction and sly humor, the Onion is effective in its satirical tone.
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