The One Minute Manager

Topics: Ken Blanchard, Boss, English-language films Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 14, 2013
[pic]The One Minute Manager
By: Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard

The one minute Manager I have found to be a dull, be good book. I believe it will help you run your business. One minute reprimands and one minute praisings are a good strategy to use in your business. I will definitely use them in my business, because I believe in them. When employees do something wrong they feel real bad, and doing a one minute reprimand followed by a praising helps them and you. It helps you because it makes them believe your on there side which you are and it helps them because they don’t feel as bad. Employees nowadays feel hatred towards there boss, trust me I know because when I work at Sweetbay a lot of the employees don’t like the boss. I’m not one of them of course I understand that she is doing her best for everyone’s interest. But what I may do is get her this book, maybe she’ll learn a thing or two. In my opinion all bosses should learn how to be a one minute manager. Being a one minute manager helps you increase your employability liking. Employees I know love to be praised, I’ve had that feeling several times. One minute reprimands help because they aren’t that long and praise follows it. I know from experience that employees don’t want to be talked to forever about something they did wrong even when it was an accident. The one minute manager is an excellent way to get to your employees.

People who feel good about themselves Produce good results.
Productivity/Effectiveness, TQM (total quality management)
Adam Smith, quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Post WWII helped build Europe and Asia
One minute manager is someone who takes very little time to get big results from people. One minute praising, a praising is a celebration for something you did right for a minute And a One minute reprimand, a reprimand is a talk about something you did wrong. Blake/Mouton Grid: Willing and Able, Willing and unable, Unwilling and...
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