The One Day of the Year - Monologue

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I as the producer of ‘The One Day of the Year’ would firstly like to welcome you and thank you for coming to the auditions of Jan in Act 1 Scene 1 found on Page 34. The discourse represented in this selection of the play is the Generation Gap mainly focusing on parent/child conflict. Personally I felt Jan was silenced here and she doesn’t really get to share all those feelings that are built up inside of her, though since we have the chance to, let us begin. I HATE THEM! They really are the last straw. All they ever do is dictate me. It frustrates me. All they ever care about is their appearance and how much money we have. But it’s not. I’m not like that, am I? I’m as good as you; you’re as good as me, right? My parents are snobs, especially my mother! When I told her I had met someone, she expected it to be one of those upper-class slobs. They only ever socialize with them. I swear she thinks that those upper-class slobs are the only people that exist in this world. She’s wrong! My parents also think that we marry the people we mix with and the only people they mix with are their class. But boy have they got it wrong. There is no way I am marrying one of them grade-one morons. Who am I kidding they probably have someone already lined up. I wish I had your parents Hughie. They are so nice and welcoming. They’re themselves, they’re honest. They would give up everything they could, the whole world even, just to see you pursue your dream. Mine, mine wouldn’t even have a clue what I’m interested in. All they do is think about themselves, but yours, yours think about your future. They want you to do well in anything you choose to do. You’re lucky your parents care about you, mine don’t. They just sit around all day drinking their coffee or sipping their scotch. When I mentioned the article we’re writing together about ANZAC Day for the Uni paper to them, I swear they didn’t hear one bit of it....
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