The One Day of the Year

Topics: Meaning of life, Symbol, Anzac Day Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: March 22, 2010
Act 3, Scene one is mainly focused on Alf's and Hughie's hostilities however, It commences with an contention that is based on the continuous distribution of beliefs. ANZAC Day was officially designated as a day to recognize the efforts of those who fought for Australia and New Zealand in Gallipoli, and to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting for our country in 1915. Alf the husband and father is forever motivated by his enthusiasm to follow the tradition by celebrating ANZAC Day with going down to the local pub. He perceives it as having a good time to celebrate by socializing and drinking till he no longer has the energy to even stand up and publicly embarrasses himself. Hughie is shamefully disappointed by not only how is father reacts and behaves on the day of this celebration but anyone. His perspective is that ANZAC Day is celebrated not literal whilst men making a drunken-displayed celebration out of the remembrance. As Hughie is in University he becomes more sophisticated and sees him-self more knowledgeable then his mother and father and is embarrassed by the way they perform. His upper-class girlfriend, Jan is also against the performance of how it is celebrated. She easily dominates Hughie by controlling him and influencing many of his opinions including making the decision of publishing an article with photos of his outlook on the day. The article basically states his judgments including ANZAC Day should basically become the past to forget the remembrance as it has lost the meaning by the interruption of making it a day to get ridiculously drunk. When Alf discoverers that Hughie went forward and published the article he is heart broken but extremely furious which leads him no choice but to use violence, where he back-hands Hughie across his face for his disrespectful statement - ( "A screaming tribe of great, stupid, drunken no-hopers", Pg 87). Dot is in the middle of the disagreement and it's her role to keep the family in line by keeping...
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