The Oncologist

Topics: Cancer, Oncology, Medicine Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Many would say that cancer is a very complex disease, but others would argue that it is far more than that. By others, I mean the doctors who actually deal with many patients day after day. By doctors, I mean the oncologists. An oncologist is the physician who studies cancerous tumors. They diagnose and treat cancerous cells as well. They are the doctors that make cancer patients look forward to another day. Oncology is a profession with unlimited opportunities for both men and women. As an oncologist, you experience respect, demand for your services, and the chance to change someone’s life. One exciting and important part of being an oncologist is quick thinking. Quick thinking allows oncologists to make the most of their occupation and also a difference in people’s lives. Candidates wanting to become an oncologist must go through many stages in order to become certified. There are many stages because the lives of many patients are put in the hands of oncologist. The candidates have to be severely tested to be left with such a big responsibility on their own. The person desiring to become an oncologist must first graduate from an approved medical school and then, complete an accredited residency program. After their accredited residency program, they must graduate education in a specialty of their choice. The Oncology Channel websites says that after completion of graduate education in a specialty, physicians may apply for certification. The website also states that the applicants must pass the certifying examination administered by the medical specialty board. The job of an oncologist is very difficult, but important to today’s society as each oncologist hopes that his or her ongoing research and work with cancer patients will eventually lead to a cure and prevention of all cancers. Being an oncologist involves the changing and challenging issues of cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. The type of oncology studied by the physician...
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